Dr. Annwesa Dasgupta is a postdoctoral researcher with SEIRI. Her research interests lie in the area of integrated STEM research. She received her Ph.D. in biology education research from Purdue University. Her dissertation was centered on the design of assessments that explore student difficulties in thinking about biology experiments. During her doctoral years, Annwesa garnered experiences with designing, interpretation, and evaluation of NSF and HHMI funded STEM related education projects. She also served as an external evaluator for a NSF-TUES funded ecology based cross-institutional project with a lead role in assessment design. As a graduate teaching assistant, she was a peer leader for the cyber Peer-Led Team Learning project (cPLTL) implementation in an introductory biology course at Purdue. Previously, Annwesa was a lecturer at Niagara University in Buffalo for undergraduate biology courses for majors and non-majors. Annwesa was a postdoctoral researcher with Engineering Education at Purdue where she worked on the STEM+C project which focused enhancing the STEM engagement and computational thinking (STEM+C) for K-2 grade students by developing connections across formal and informal learning environments.