SEIRI Alumni

Justin Hess

Justin Hess
Assistant Professor, Purdue University

Dr. Justin L Hess is an assistant professor in the School of Engineering Education at Purdue University. Previously, Justin served as assistant director of the STEM Education Innovation and Research Institute at IUPUI. Dr. Hess’s research interests include exploring empathy’s functional role within engineering and evaluating students’ learning in the spaces of design, ethics, sustainability, and innovation. Justin received his PhD from Purdue University's School of Engineering Education, along with a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. As a doctoral student, Justin was a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow. Justin is currently the program chair of the Liberal Education/Engineering & Society Division (LEES) with the American Society for Engineering Education, as well as chair of the American Society of Civil Engineers' Committee on Sustainability subcommittee on Formal Engineering Education.

Prathima Lakmala

Prathima Lakmala
Statistical Data Analyst, College of Nursing
Univesity of South Florida

Prathima Lakmala previously worked with SEIRI as a Graduate Research Assistant.

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