Research Experiences for Teacher Advancement in Nanotechnology

This project seeks to establish an RET site at IUPUI in order to provide pedagogical training and assistance to STEM teachers within the school districts that comprise metro Indianapolis. Participation will enhance teacher development through graduate course credits and infuse STEM curricula with inquiry-based methodology in order to generate STEM interest among students. More importantly, due to the multidisciplinary nature of nanotechnology, trained teachers will be equipped to integrate multiple STEM subjects into their curriculum providing students with subject-to-subject connectivity comparable to real-world collaborative expectations. The proposed framework provides a portable model that can be implemented at other institutions and teaching modules that can be implemented on a national level.

SEIRI Role: For this RET-site, SEIRI is (a) leading teachers' classroom module development activities, ensuring their alignment with the CCSS and NGSS expectations, (b) providing three credit hours of engineering and technology coursework on nanotechnology and STEM careers, (c) promoting module dissemination, (d) scheduling and conducting on-site classroom visitations using the Integrated Nanotechnology and STEM Observation protocol, and (e) analyzing formative and summative evaluations of the program.

SEIRI Personnel: Justin L Hess

Collaborators: Maher Rizkalla (PI); Mangilal Agarwal; Jomo Mutegi; Likun Zhu


Funding Organization: NSF Division of Engineering Education and Centers 

RFP: Research Experiences for Teachers

Grant Status: Current

Award #1406995

Award Amount: $494,220 Grant Status: Current (09/01/14 – 08/31/17)

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