IUPUI Centers & Organizations

Binational/ Cross Cultural Health Enhancement CenterAs communities become more and more diverse, obstacles to health and wellbeing created by language and cultural differences emerge. Finding ways to improve the availability of health services and eliminate health disparities for an increasingly diverse and mobile community is a commitment of the Binational/Cross Cultural Health Enhancement Center (BiCCHEC) at IUPUI.
Campus Facility ServicesCampus Facility Services has been working for years to come up with an affordable solution to this problem. And the problem has finally been resolved! Thanks to new technology the lights in the stacks and the perimeter will be turned off on a schedule. Safety lighting that is on 24/7 will not be affected and will remain on at all times. The schedule can be changed as the needs of the Library change for finals, holidays or other breaks. The lighting can also be overridden at any time for any length of time.
Center for Econometric Model ResearchThe Center for Econometric Model Research (CEMR) produces economic forecasts each quarter for the United States, Indiana and Indiana metropolitan areas. Over the years, dozens of business and government agencies have relied on CEMR's short- and long-range forecasts and projections to make well-informed decisions.
Center for Urban and Multicultural Education  (CUME)CUME is a partner-focused organization that addresses important educational issues confronting urban schools and communities. We deliver the highest-quality research and evaluation products for the purpose of building capacity among urban educational and community organizations.
Curriculum Resource CenterThe CRC is much more than a collection of books, it is the supporting centerpiece for the academic program of the School. Direct support of the program is provided through a vast collection of K-12 textbooks and materials utilized daily by over 143 sections of education courses, 1200 students and over 80 full and part-time faculty.
Environmental Law SocietyThis society is for law students who are passionate about environmental issues and interested in pursuing a career in environmental law.
Great Lakes Equity Assistance CenterGreat Lakes Equity Center is a technical assistance and research center located at Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis. Established in 2011, the Center provides technical assistance, resources, professional learning opportunities, and conducts research related to equity, civil rights, and systemic school reform. 
INDI: IUPUI Nanotechnology Discovery AcademyThe IUPUI Nanotechnology Discovery Academy (INDA) provides summer programs for high-school students and teachers that offer participants with a unique opportunity to explore the emerging field of nanotechnology.
Indiana Public Health Training Center — professional development courses; free online courseCritical to our mission is helping the front-line workforce (often busy helping everyone lead healthier lives) to keep current, advance in their fields, and brush up on the latest public health issues, concepts, and best practices. We do this with an easy-to-use online course delivery system that saves YOU time because Public Health & YOU™ is anywhere YOU are as long as you have an Internet connection. 
Institute for Action Research in Community HealthTransforming.  It’s a powerful word, but truly describes our academic programs and our goals for our research and service in public health and the health care system.  We are committed to ensuring that our programs are rigorous, intellectually challenging, and rewarding.  After all, together, we have the potential of improving the health of every community.
IU Student Outreach PT ClinicThe Student Outreach Clinic is an interdisciplinary service learning medical clinic established by Indiana University School of Medicine Office of Medical Service-Learning. The clinic provides gratis health care and professional services (medicine, pharmacy, dental, law, social work, and physical and occupational therapy) to address disparity needs of an inner-city community in Indianapolis. All clinic services are facilitated among the student partners with oversight from faculty among the various health professional programs. 
MURIMURI facilitates the creation and support of multidisciplinary research teams consisting of undergraduate students, graduate students, post-docs, senior staff, and faculty. The primary purpose of these teams is to provide undergraduates a unique opportunity to work with mentors on real-world problems to gain research skills that can be applied to their college coursework and future careers.
Music Academy and the Tavel Arts CenterThe Tavel Center has been cultivating research in music and machine learning since 2012, with the creation of works and exercises that explore the possibilities inherent in the two systems.  The work has resulted in several papers, and performances at conferences and festivals utilizing the machine learning research of Professors Ben Smith (photo right) and Scott Deal, together with graduate research assistant Javier Sanchez (photo left).
The Writing CenterThe University Writing Center (UWC) is a service available to all IUPUI students, both graduate and undergraduate. Students can work one-on-one with experienced readers and writers to improve their writing process and receive constructive feedback on their assignments.
Undergraduate Summer Biomedical Research ProgramFind summer research opportunities in the basic and medical sciences at the IU School of Medicine. This program is open to juniors who have completed at least two years of course work with a background in biology, chemistry, physics, or engineering.