Grant Proposal Consultation

If you need consultation with SEIRI on a grant proposal post-award, please contact SEIRI at least three weeks before your proposal needs to be submitted. If SEIRI will serve as a consultant on your grant, you should plan to provide 3% - 5% of your budget to support SEIRI. SEIRI can then:

  • Develop a consultation plan.
  • Refer you to grant-writing and other known resources.
  • Provide low-level feedback.
  • If the timing and conditions fit, provide a letter of support.

General Consultation

SEIRI provides support to STEM faculty to participate in the scholarship of STEM teaching and learning in order to reform their curricula. Visit us if you need help with data collection, data analysis, or need other assistance related to understanding the student impact of your innovations.

STEM Education Innovation and Research Institute
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research
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