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Like any scientific research, conducting high quality educational research is a rigorous and time-intensive endeavor. There are many best practices, theoretical frameworks, and a rapidly growing and changing base of literature that are applicable across contexts. The SEIRI team of experts can help ensure that the approaches you use are valid, reliable, and innovative. In turn, this will provide robustness to your proposal, including its intellectual merit and broader impact. Our team has worked with numerous partners as co-investigators, evaluators, and consultants.

If you have a project that you would like SEIRI’s assistance on, please get in touch as soon as possible either by phone (317-278-0168), e-mail (, or by visiting us at UL1123.

So that our team is able to assist you at the level of support desired, please be prepared to discuss these questions with us:

  • What grant are you intending to apply for?
  • What makes you excited about this grant?
  • What are your program objectives?
  • What overarching goals align with those objectives?
  • What activities have you designed to meet these objectives?
  • Who are your collaborators, what role will they play, and why?
  • What types of collaborators do you still need to identify?
  • What work has been done in this space, either by your team or the scientific community?

For clarification on the difference between evaluation and research, please check out this one-page handout for a brief overview Evaluation vs. Research

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