Educational Research

Conducting high quality educational research is a time intensive endeavor. If you would like SEIRI to support your grant via research or large scale program evaluation, it is very important you contact SEIRI at least two months before your proposal needs to be submitted. Funding included for SEIRI for these types of projects should be commensurate to the time dedicated to supporting your grant. Because of the extensive nature of SEIRI personnel participation in the research/evaluation of your project, funding in your grant for SEIRI will likely exceed 10% of the budget and increase depending upon the scale of SEIRI integration. Our team can then:

  • Assist you in formulating learning objectives and educational activities.
  • Assist you in finding supporting literature.
  • Develop an educational research plan for your grant.
  • Offer extensive and critical feedback on your grant's educational research and evaluation.
  • Help develop and deliver scholarly products throughout your grant.
STEM Education Innovation and Research Institute
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