Faculty Associates

A SEIRI Faculty Associate serves as a leader in the IUPUI community by engaging in scholarly practices in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, or informatics education such as Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) or Discipline-Based Education Research (DBER). Associates are expected to collaborate with SEIRI and support colleagues in their department and school. Ten SEIRI Faculty Associates were selected during September 2018. The following pages list the associates alphabetically and their qualifications.

SEIRI Faculty Associates contact info and expertises
Portrait of Lingma Lu Acheson smiling at the camera.
Lingma Lu Acheson
Teaching Professor, Computer Science
Tel: 317-274-9733
Email: linglu@iupui.edu
SL 155
Portrait of Brenda Blacklock smiling at the camera.
Brenda Blacklock
Teaching Professor, Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Tel: 317-278-8181
Email: bblacklo@iupui.edu
LD 322 (entrance via LD 326)
Portrait of Dr. Leslie Ashburn-Nardo smiling at the camera.
Leslie Ashburn-Nardo, Ph.D.
Founding Director, Applied Social and Organizational Psychology Doctoral Program
Director, Industrial/Organizational Psychology Master’s Program
Tel: 317-274-6766
Email: lashburn@iupui.edu
LD 100A
Portrait of Dr. Tony Chase smiling at the camera.
Tony Chase, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Occupational Therapy
Tel: 317-278-4551
Email: chaseam@iu.edu
CF 309
Portrait of Dr. Charles Feldhaus smiling at the camera.
Charles Feldhaus, Ph.D.
Technical Leadership and Communication
Professor, Organizational Leadership and Supervision
Tel: 317-278-1863
Email: cfeldhau@iupui.edu
ET 309F
Portrait of Dr. Andrew Gavrin smiling at the camera.
Andrew Gavrin, Ph.D.
Department Chair, Physics
Associate Professor, Physics
Director, Mack Center for Inquiry on Teaching and Learning
Tel: 317-274-6909
Email: agavrin@iupui.edu
LD 154D
Portrait of Dr. Kathleen A. Marrs smiling at the camera.
Kathleen A. Marrs, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Biology
Interim Executive Associate Dean of IUPUI Honors College
Tel: 317-278-4551
Email: kmarrs@iupui.edu
SL 330
Portrait of Dr. Sharon Miller smiling at the camera.
Sharon Miller, Ph.D.
Associate Chair of the Department of Biomedical Engineering
Director of the Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Program
Clinical Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Tel: 317-278-6855
Email: sm11@iu.edu
SL 220G
Portrait of Dr. Angela Murillo smiling at the camera.
Angela Murillo, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, School of Informatics and Computing
Program Director, Applied Data and Information Science
Tel: 317-278-6311
Email: apmurill@iu.edu
IT 561
Portrait of Dr. Saptarshi Purkayastha smiling at the camera.
Saptarshi Purkayastha, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Data Science, Health Informatics,
School of Informatics & Computing
& Director of Undergraduate Education & Research, BHI
& Affiliated Scientist, CBMI, Regenstrief Institute
& Faculty Associate, STEM Education Innovation and Research Institute (SEIRI)
Email: saptpurk@iupui.edu
WK 119
Snehasis Mukhopadhyay
Snehasis Mukhopadhyay, Ph.D.
Computer & Information Science
Tel: 317-274-9732
Email: smukhopa@iupui.edu
Portrait of Gautam Vemuri smiling at the camera.
Gautam Vemuri, Ph.D.
Professor, Physics
Tel: 317-274-0002
Email: gvemuri@iupui.edu
LD 156H
Portrait of Dr. Jeffrey X.Watt smiling at the camera.
Jeffrey X.Watt, Ph.D.
Department Chair, Mathematical Sciences
Professor, Mathematical Sciences
The M. L. Bittinger Chair of Mathematics Education
Tel: 317-274-4070
Email: jwatt@iupui.edu
LD 270Q
Portrait of Robert Weissbach smiling at the camera.
Robert Weissbach, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Engineering Technology, School of Engineering and Technology
Tel: 317-274-7799
Email: rweissba@iupui.edu
ET 201P
STEM Education Innovation and Research Institute
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research
755 W. Michigan Street
University Library, UL 1123
Indianapolis, IN 46202-2800
Email: seiri@iupui.edu